Experience a World of Things to do in Lafayette, LA!

Published on 3/27/2024

Experience a World of Things to do in Lafayette, LA!

Appease your curiosity and embark on a journey through things to do in Lafayette, LA with Ample Storage’s comprehensive guide! Get acquainted with Cajun Country, no matter if you’re brand new to the area or have been living here for years. Whether you prefer being an adventurer or just looking around – we’ve created this guide specifically tailored to match everyone’s interests. So, take a look at our suggestions and see what piques your interest!

Moonlight Tower in Lafayette LA
LoneStarMike, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Endless Things to do in Lafayette, LA!

Population: 121,771

Lafayette is a vibrant city in Louisiana and is known as the happiest city in America! Its Cajun and Creole dishes are most notably known staple for the city and tourists and residents alike enjoy the great food culture that this city has to offer. Many newcomers to the area enjoy its cultural history, exciting annual festivals, traditional music, and its unique cuisine. The cost of living in the area is low with a growing economy, making it a great place to live.

Median Household Income: $63,311

Median Home Value: $228,468

For Those with a Culture Crave

Lafayette is all about Culture! In fact, it’s one of the best places in the US to celebrate French culture and has so much history with many residents speaking the Cajun French dialect. If you are interested in learning about all the one-of-a-kind historical and cultural facets of this great city, you should visit a few of these recommended attractions:

  • Acadian Cultural Center – This exhibit tells the story of Louisiana and the admission into the center and many of the programs are free.
  • Acadiana Center for the Arts – A non-profit gallery and performance venue that features a variety of live music and theater.
  • Hilliard Art Museum – A museum that connects students with art, community, education, and culture.
  • Cajun Food Tours – Roughly 3 hours of Louisiana flavor! Choose a bus tour or walking tour to discover Cajun delights around the town and learn more about the unique food history.

Bring on the Cajun!

When you think of Cajun and Creole dishes, Louisiana should be top of mind. With its delectable flavors and fresh Cajun spices, there’s no wonder why Lafayette is known for rustic dishes such as crawfish etouffee, jambalaya, and the national dish of Louisiana, gumbo. Here are a few must try places when you visit or move to Lafayette for a tasty, savory, and unforgettable dish:

Festivals All Year Long

Who doesn’t love a good festival? Imagine being able to go to festivals all year long, no matter the season! That’s what it’s like living in Lafayette. The residents love to have fun and there are many different types of festivals held year-round here. From Gumbo Cookoffs to music extravaganzas, the residents know how to have a good time and celebrate! Check out a few popular festivals for each season:


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